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We empower our clients to



Coaching Behaviors



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Behavior and Results

We use a combination of microburst and social learning to challenge the way your managers think about coaching. As a result, our clients are empowered to reduce turnover, enhance employee engagement, and accelerate performance.

Our Purpose

In 2010, our CEO received an email from a colleague that changed his life and launched our dedication to coaching. In that email, a marketing colleague encouraged Ed to transition into a sales educator role after witnessing his interaction with a group of sales leaders. Thus, we are committed to helping 5,000 sales managers transform into game-changing coaches within the next three years.

Our Solutions

We coach sellers, managers, and leaders everyday.

Our platform was originally designed to help elevate our own need to transition from being an individual contributor toward becoming the type of coach employees respect and revere. We discovered there was a repeatable, measurable way to set expectations, establish accountability, and measure the impact of coaching.

Microburst Learning

Self-paced modules designed with the agility today’s sales manager expects.

Immersive Workshops

Sales leaders attempt to “fix” tepid and temperamental growth with rote, antiquated training. It simply doesn’t work.

Our immersive learning strategies combine elements of emotional intelligence, gamification, social learning, and world-class coaching techniques to drive engagement and application.

We offer private and public workshops designed to provide a safe environment for application, interaction, and improvement-focused feedback.

Executive Services

Our solutions are designed to accelerate performance for visionary leaders who believe the enduring impact of sales coaching.

Our architects are recognized academically and professionally for specializing in Organizational Management and Leadership Studies.

  • Coaching Essentials
  • Leveraging Influence and Collaboration™
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Enhancing the Sales Pipeline and Velocity™
  • Coaching to Lead, Motivate, & Inspire™
  • The Six Elements of Coaching™

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