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We help sales managers become the type of game-changing coaches your team wants to follow.

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Everyday Sales Managers are overwhelmed and underdeveloped.

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Transforming tactical sales managers into strategic coaches.


Assess training needs, customize coaching workshops, behavior focused metrics.


Define performance criteria, identify gaps, optimize resources, and accelerate growth.


Establish a Coaching-culture, Define Coaching competencies and proficiencies, and Reinforce Emotional Intelligence.

Our platform

Comprehensive Performance Dashboard

Core makes it easy for sales managers to evaluate their teams progress, top performers, and coaching events - now you can view your team’s performance is in the palm of your hand.

Employee Profiles

Gain insight into each individual team member’s competencies and identify their strengths and areas of opportunity. See who is a top performer and who needs further training.

Custom Key Competency Areas

Implement the exact competencies that your business needs! The CORE Results™ allows you to customize employee competencies under three categories: knowledge, skills and abilities.

sCOREcards for Customized Evaluation

Conduct thorough and comprehensive employee evaluations using sCOREcards, which enable you to assess the set of competencies that you want to focus on. The evaluation results let you identify training needs, make decisions, and improve business processes.

Data Analysis

Use evaluation results to build insightful reports! The CORE Results™ lets you mine the exact data you need-either right within the application or by exporting your data to dedicated analysis tools.

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