Make Decisions That Deliver Results

Core AI isn’t just another app; it’s a transformative platform that elevates your sales coaching to unparalled heights. Choose from our flexible pricing options designed to meet your unique sales challenges and goals.

1-Year Beta Program:

Are you ready to dip your toes into the waters of AI-powered sales decision-making? Our 1-Year Beta Program is designed to give you an affordable yet comprehensive introduction to what CONNIE can do for your sales strategies.

Why Choose This Plan?

An economical way to explore how data-driven insights can improve your decision-making and positively impact your bottom line.
The Springboard to Intelligent Sales

$89/month per user


A Commitment to Sales Excellence

$99/month per user


2-Year Beta Program:

Dedicated to a long-term change in your sales strategy? Our 2-Year Beta Program not only provides you with a cost-effective plan but also ensures that you maximize the benefits of CONNIE’s powerful capabilities.

Why Choose This Plan?

Lock in a more affordable rate and commit to transforming your sales decision-making processes for two transformative years.

Annual Subscription Plan:

For those who’ve tasted success with CONNIE and are ready for an uncompromised, all-inclusive experience. The Annual Subscription offers the full suite of features designed to amplify your sales prowess.

Why Choose This Plan?

Unleash the full potential of CONNIE’s advanced features in a plan that’s committed to nothing less than outstanding sales results.
The Ultimate Sales PowerHouse

$129/month per user


Let's make every sales coaching conversation count.

The demands on your time seem endless, and maintaining a balanced approach feels like
walking a tightrope.
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