Our Origin Story

While managing our largest sales team, we realized that even the most sophisticated CRM platforms were only as good as the human decisions behind them. That’s where Core AI began its journey.

Unlocking the Untapped Power of Conversation.

When our founders first got together, it was with a clear mission: to shift the paradigm of sales coaching from a game of chance to a data-driven science. They knew that sales leaders were often underdeveloped as people leaders, often relying solely on gut instincts, historical performance data, or anecdotal evidence. So, they set out to harness the untapped power of conversation analytics.
Your sales team is having countless conversations every day. Imagine if each of those could be mined for actionable insights. That was the audacious goal we set for ourselves.

Explore the Possibilities

Our early years were focused on rigorous R&D. We didn’t just want to add another software to the stack; we aimed to become a catalyst for fundamental change. And so, Core AI was born—a tool that not only collects data but turns it into an action plan.
We wanted to be the answer to the age-old question, “Where do we go from here?” And that required a tool capable of diagnosing, prescribing, and evolving.

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Harnessing EQ & AI

Fast forward to today, and Core AI is becoming synonymous with sales coaching within sales enablement – anchored in both human-centric and data-driven methodologies. Our analytics go beyond generic terms and surface-level metrics to unearth the deep-rooted behaviors that drive sales outcomes.
We’ve bridged the gap between raw data and human skill, creating a symphony that elevates the entire sales process.

Our Promise: Making Every Conversation Count

Your conversations are valuable. Your decisions are critical. We are committed to ensuring that both reach their fullest potential.
Our platform is not a tool but a partner, continuously evolving to meet your needs, ensuring that every coaching conversation counts.
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