Data-driven Sales Decisions

We take the guesswork out of your sales coaching conversation and ensure that each decision you make is calculated, precise, and yields results

Increase Win Rate

We provided curated insights to help hybrid teams increase sales velocity

$21 Million in 10-Months

Our analog coaching framework delivered a 4,000% ROI to a global healthcare client.

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Chester Harris

March 24, 2024


Discover the Power of Conversation Analytics

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With our analytics, you’ll gain insight into the impact of coaching on your team’s most valuable opportunities.

We're not just another platform

Experience how our platform can turn your sales conversations into meaningful insights. Your business challenges are unique, shouldn’t your solution be too?

Discover the Power of Conversation Analytics

Integrate Core AI into Your CRM

Your CRM system is about to get a serious upgrade. Our software easily integrates into your existing CRM, turning it into a powerhouse of data-driven decision-making.
With our seamless integration, you can boost your current processes, not replace them. Why settle for less? Find out how!

Empower Through Insights

Empower Through Insights

Our AI agent CoNNIE™  observes your sales conversations and provides curated insights for tailored coaching sessions.

Turn Data into Effective Coaching

Standardized coaching falls short. Our insights equip you to coach your team in a way that’s as individualized as they are.

Transform Data into Proactive Insights

Measure the Unmeasurable

Looking to understand your sales conversations better? With our analytics, you’ll uncover real insights, for every sales opportunity.
Understanding the ‘why’ behind the numbers allows you to anticipate challenges before they become problems.

Continuously Improve

Refine and Repeat

At Core AI, we believe in growth that never stops. As you engage with CoNNIE™, she evolves alongside you, adapting and enhancing your strategies to foster a consistent journey of success.

Static strategies grow obsolete.

CoNNIE™ evolves with you, keeping you ahead of the curve.
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