Meet CoNNIE™: Where Human
Wisdom Meets Artificial Intelligence

Remember when you had that one mentor who changed everything? For our founder, that person was Connie. She provided the type of wisdom, coaching, and  insights that eventually led to the creation of Core AI. Now, we’ve built an AI-driven intelligence engine that emulates that same guidance, but at scale.

Introducing CoNNIE™ the world’s most influential conversations agent.

CoNNIE™ is an acronym for Conversation Neural-Network Intelligence Engine. But CoNNIE™ is more than a set of algorithms; she is the digital embodiment of authentic coaching and mentorship.
Imagine having a trusted advisor, always there, guiding your sales teams with insights to help them do their best work and thrive.

A Homage to Real-Life Mentorship

Just as our founder’s mentor, Connie, laid the groundwork for coaching and mentorship in his life,  CoNNIE™ is designed to do the same for your organization. It’s a living tribute to a real-life mentor, manifested in lines of code and machine learning.
We wanted to capture the essence of personalized mentorship in a tool that could serve your entire organization.

How CoNNIE™ Works:

CoNNIE™ is a sophisticated neural network designed to analyze, synthesize, and recommend actions based on numerous conversations and interactions between you and your sales team. It’s like having your favorite mentor and confidante all rolled into one human-centric conversation agent.

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Humanizing tech means that we’re not just making decisions based on numbers, but on a deep understanding of human motivation and behavior.

Continuous Learning & Adaptation

Like any good mentor, CoNNIE™ learns as you do. Our machine-learning algorithms adapt to the unique rhythm, language, and goals of your sales conversations.
We’re committed to ensuring that CoNNIE™ is not just another tool but an evolving asset that grows in intelligence over time.
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