You Can Do More than Manage Sales

You can be an empowered coach that delivers powerful sales results.

CORE Ai will help you develop your team’s skills, improve communication, enhance productivity and enable your sales reps to close more deals.

As a manager, you can…


  • See a schedule of upcoming coaching sessions

  • View status of current selling stages

  • Launch each session directly from the calendar


  • Conduct 1-on-1 coaching meetings

  • Employ conversational intelligence to steer each session

  • Identify level of rep engagement and assess conversation sentiment, real time


  • Track your entire team’s performance

  • Examine your coaching impact

  • Gauge pipeline opportunities

CORE Ai How it Works Sales Manager Desktop
CORE Ai How it Works Sales Rep Mobile

Become an Advocate for Individual Growth and Success

Maximize your impact as a manager with engaging personalized coaching sessions.

CORE Ai makes it possible to help sales reps cultivate their skills and reach their selling potential.

Sales reps will…

Own the tools to

  • Track deal progress

  • Evaluate skill development based on their manager’s assessment

  • Request help and feedback on customer relations

Be equipped to


  • Launch coaching sessions from anywhere
  • Benefit from dedicated, individual manager conversations

  • Gain real-time feedback and account guidance

Actively engage, and


  • Review assigned tasks, read notes and confirm next steps

  • Rate their coach and share session feedback

  • Measure ongoing development and proficiency

With CORE AI you can stop managing. Are you ready to coach?