Enabling Sales Managers

CORE Ai is helping sales organizations cultivate a coaching culture.

As a sales manager, you may find yourself overwhelmed by administrative tasks and lacking the bandwidth necessary to successfully lead your team.

With CORE Ai you can create quality, real-time connections with your sales reps

  • Track and progress deals effectively through the pipeline (dashboard image)

  • Receive automatic, in-session insights and prompts to help you coach and provide enhanced support

  • Review past coaching sessions, deliver ongoing feedback and monitor developments between routine calls

  • Anytime access thanks to parallel desktop and mobile platforms

Ready to see the CORE AI in action?

CORE Ai Solutions Desktop
CORE Ai Solutions Mobile

Equip and Retain Top Sales Talent

CORE Ai allows your sales reps to benefit from your coaching when and where they need it.

Sales reps are busy managing customer relationships, prospecting and handling leads, while also collecting market intelligence.

With CORE Ai they’ll have the ongoing support and accountability they need to close deals and sharpen their skills.

Always connected with on-demand access to


  • Single sign-on tools that easily integrate with your CRM and efficiently connect coaching feedback to sales opportunities and current deals

  • A personalized “playbook” with helpful reminders, assigned tasks, and notes from recent 1-on-1 coaching sessions

  • In-app video role-play and manager interaction prepares sales reps to manage business development challenges

CORE Ai helps sales reps increase productivity and generate results.