Core Ai is an interactive conversational analytics platform designed to transform multitasking sales managers into empowered coaches using personalized insights and intelligence that enables them to develop high performing teams.

Empowered Coach. Powerful Results.

As a sales manager, you have a long list of administrative tasks yet your most important mission is ensuring the success of each sales rep — driving their performance improvements and helping them achieve sales targets.

It’s your effective coaching that will equip them to grow, develop and raise the bar on their results. Your regular meetings with each sales rep allows you to gauge progress and help them enhance their skills.

You need a powerful tool to help you make the most of these sessions.

You need CORE Ai

CORE Ai Why Coach

Why Coach?

It helps retain top talent that gives your company a competitive advantage.

Who Is CORE Ai?

Each member of the CORE Ai leadership team brings decades of experience in sales, product development, machine learning and data analytics.

Ed Ross, CEO

Ed has spent more than three decades contributing to developing and leading sales organizations.

As a sales manager, Ed discovered the challenges of leading a large sales team with limited experience as a coach. It was this experience that drives his passion to inspire sales organizations to invest in developing their managers and teams to achieve transformational results.

Why CORE Ai?

“One of my career highlights was being promoted to Sales Manager, yet some of the most challenging times were when I lacked the resources, support and insight to coach my team to success. This fuels my enthusiasm for CORE. We are committed to helping overtasked sales managers reduce the risk of burn out, boost their team’s performance and spend time doing what they love – developing others through coaching.”

James Lackland, CFO

James brings 25+ years of experience in finance, risk mitigation and leadership to CORE Ai.

As a young manager at CitiGroup, he discovered the impact that coaching can have on individual and organizational performance. James’ passion for coaching and mentoring extends beyond the corporate realm into the community. He currently serves on multiple advisory and corporate boards.

Why CORE Ai?

“For me, CORE Ai just makes sense!  Over the decades I’ve been involved with large and small businesses in a variety of verticals.  Across them all there’s been a need to sell a product or service, and therefore a need for salespeople.  And great salespeople are created through training and coaching; however, most companies focus on training.  I am thrilled to help deliver a solution that transforms sales managers into effective coaches.”

We’re innovating the sales manager – sales rep relationship. With our AI-enabled platform you’ll be able to effectively engage, analyze and accelerate team relationships and results.