Ten Tenets of Effective Leadership

In modern business culture, teams have no patience for the “I’m the boss — do what I say” egocentric leadership styles of the past. They also don’t respond to them. Not positively, anyway. Rather, successful leaders within organizations of all industries are breaking with outdated traditions and toxic habits, to take forward action in [...]

2021-02-22T04:03:00+00:00February 8th, 2021|Leadership|

Every Sales Team Needs a Connector to Thrive

Today’s dynamic, hyper-connected world has radically changed the way sellers sell. These changes have resulted in an urgency for skill development. Unfortunately, sales managers only spend 10% of their time coaching and giving feedback to their sellers. Most of them are occupied with administrative tasks and unable to invest enough time developing their sales reps. [...]

2021-02-22T04:54:27+00:00January 20th, 2021|Leadership|
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